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Mini Golden Retriever
Mini Golden
Golden Cavalier

Have you always wanted a Golden Retriever, but just not so large? Maybe its because you live in an apartment and their are weight restrictions, or your getting older and don't want to take the chance on getting knocked down. Whatever has been holding you back from getting a Golden Retriever can stop now, thanks to the Mini Golden Retriever. What is a Miniature Golden Retriever? For us, a Miniature (Mini) Golden Retriever is a Golden Retriever crossed with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Some breeders also cross Golden Retrievers with Cocker Spaniels or even add some poodle in.


Since the goal is to produce a miniature version of the Golden Retriever, we chose to cross the Golden Retriever and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for size, and because their personalities are so much alike. Both breeds thrive on human interaction. Both are amazing family dogs and do well with children. And both have joyful/playful personalities.


What are the benefits of crossing the two breeds?

  • Generally fewer health problems. Hip dysplasia, eye problems, and ear infections can be dramatically reduced in this combination of breeding. We do health testing on our parent dogs to ensure we are breeding Top Quality. We test with OFA, Paw Print Genetics, and Penn Hip.

  • Smaller size. Our goal is to produce a miniature version of the Golden Retriever ranging in size from 20-45 lbs and about 14-20 inches tall. Although sometimes a smaller or larger puppy may be produced in a litter. The breed standard for a Golden Retriever is 55-75 lbs, and 21-24 inches tall. And the breed standard for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is 13-18 lbs, and 12-13 inches tall. We do not guarantee the size of a puppy.

  • Less shedding. Because the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a low shedding dog, the cross often times produces a lower shedding dog than a purebred Golden Retriever, but not guaranteed. 

  • Great Personality. Diluting the gene pool of two great breeds helps bring out the best traits in the Mini Golden Retriever, in our opinion. The Mini Golden is Friendly, Confident, and wonderful with children. They do not make great guard dogs as everyone is a friend. On the other hand, they will alert their owner if they feel endangered.

Ready for a puppy? Here is how our process works:

  • We do a separate waiting list for each litter. We only allow 3 females & 3 males to be reserved before birth. If additional puppies are produced, they will be available to reserve two weeks after birth.

  • Mini Golden Waiting lists open once an ultrasound has confirmed pregnancy (30-35 days after breeding). There will be a Click Here link provided below to fill out our form to get on the waiting list.

  • Mini Golden's are $2,000 - $2,500 (gold/red colored Mini's are $2,000, other colors are $2,000).

  • $500 of that will be due to reserve a puppy once contacted, after reservation form has been submitted.

  • Deposits are accepted via Zelle, other arrangements can be made if your bank does not offer Zelle. 

  • Remaining balance is due at pickup in cash only. 

  • Weekly picture/video updates will be posted on Social Media. 

  • Puppies go home at 8 weeks old with first set of vaccinations, vet examination, dewormed multiple times, blanket that smells like mom, two-year health guarantee, and a spay/neuter contract. 

Available Puppies

We do not have any puppies available at this time. Please see blow for planned litters.

Current Litters

We do not currently have any Mini Golden Retriever puppies. Please see below for Upcoming & Planned litters.

Upcoming Litters

Hopefully Cleo x Fred, and Claire x Fred. Both girls will have Ultrasounds to confirm pregnancies in June.

Planned Litters

* We are going to start doing waiting lists for Mini Golden litters starting with the next listed Planned Litter. Waiting lists will only be for litters that Mack sires because all puppies will be gold in color. In the litters where Fred is the sire, we will continue to list those puppies are one week old. We are doing this because Fred crossed with a Golden can produce: Gold, Tri, Black & Tan, and Black & White puppies. Fred litters will become fewer due to the high demand of gold colored Mini Golden's over the other colors.

Waiting lists will open after an ultrasound has confirmed pregnancy (around 30-35 days after breeding). 

Who: Cleo x Fred

Colors expected: Gold (Ruby), Black & Tan, and Black 

When is the expected heat: heat started April 26th

Due Date: June

When will waiting list open:  no waiting list since Fred is the sire

When will puppies be ready to go home: August

Who: Claire x Fred 

Colors expected: Gold (Ruby), Black & Tan, and Black 

When is the expected heat: heat started May 5th

Due Date: July

When will waiting list open:  no waiting list for Fred babies, puppies will be listed individually on our website at one week old. 

When will puppies be ready to go home: September 

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