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Retired Dogs

7-L Golden Belle CGC

Belle is the Matriarch of our pack. She is either the mom or grandmother to the other girls we have. She has completed extensive obedience classes and holds her CGC Title. Belle loves her family very much and tends to stick by your side all day.

As you can see in the picture, Belle has a beautiful deep red/gold field type coat.  

Belle is 55lbs and 21" tall.

Belle is NOT available for adoption. 


7-L's Redheaded Reba

Reba is a Belle x Buster puppy. Reba loves everyone. She enjoys exploring, playing with the kids, and car rides!

Reba has a medium golden coat. She is 62 lbs, and 22" tall. 

After retierment she has gone to live full time with her Guardian Home in Waco, TX.

LFL You Are My Sunshine

Sunny is a Belle x Preacher puppy. She has such a fun personality and loves to entertain people. She is owned by my in-laws and we assisted with the sales and raising puppies. 

Sunny has a very dark red coat. She is 65 lbs, and 22" tall. 

After retirement she has stayed with LFL Goldens in Hearne, TX.


7-L's Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae is a Belle x Preacher puppy. Ellie has one of the quietest, sweetest, dispositions we have come across in a Golden Retriever. She loves everyone, she is patient and kind. She was a wonderful mother has has passed on her sweet personality to her daughter, Darlin, that we have kept in hopes of carrying on in Ellie Mae's place.  

Ellie has a red coat. She is 60 lbs, and 22" tall. 

After retirement she has gone to live with a family where she has a teen boy all to herself!

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